Mar 24 2009

New MIE Certificate Program

New England Conservatory’s School for Continuing Education will begin offering its new Music-In-Education Certificate Program starting Fall 2009.

About the SCE Music-In-Education Certificate Program:

The Music-In-Education Certificate Program supports its core mission to prepare pre-professional and engage in-service teachers as complete “artist-teacher-scholars” by enlisting studio, theory, history, technology, and music education faculty to prepare students not only as better musicians, but as more effective teachers and change agents for music in school communities — entrepreneurial skills that are now a part of virtually every musician’s career as an educator.

The certificate courses offer exciting and innovative opportunities in classroom music teaching, educational philosophy, research, assessment, learning technology, and cross-cultural approaches to teaching and learning needed for community, college, and K-12 public school education. As a capstone to the certificate program all participants must develop and present ‘MIE Cumulative Digital Portfolios’ that position themselves as music educators who demonstrate the ability to adapt and to succeed in today’s fast changing world of music role in education.

How to Enroll

Enrollment forms can be accessed via

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Sep 10 2008

New School Year

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A vigorous and exciting year for music-in-education awaits: Music Plus Music Integration teaching at the Atrium School (Watertown, MA) begins its second year; MIENC participants from this summer’s Music Learning Leadership Institute continue their project work; and the MIE Concentration will offer “Music Technology in Education,” a new course that combines standards-based teaching with music technology.

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Jul 20 2008

Music Learning Leadership Institute: now in session

This week, the Music-In-Education National Consortium presents its first-ever Music Learning Leadership Institute. The Institute will be held in Maryland, and is being co-hosted by AEMS (Arts Education in Maryland Schools Alliance), one of the Consortium’s partner sites. We have developed an online web “sourcebook” that will be used as a text/reference/curriculum for the Institute. It can be viewed by visiting

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