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At New England Conservatory:

Founding Director of Center for Music-in-Education (CMIE) 2007

The director of the CMIE has responsibility for supervising all programs listed below, including budget, staff development, hiring, evaluation, reports, fund raising, external communications, learning technology. Product and planning responsibilities include 1-2 3-day conferences, 1 Journal publication, 3-5 research project management reports. Internal staff includes full-time coordinator, editor of the Journal, Research Associate, 3-5 research assistants, web design, web content. External partnerships in the Music-in-Education National Consortium include approximately 50 associates in 25 organizations (public school, arts organizations, institutions of higher education). Combined budgets average at approximately $250,000 per year.


Founding Executive Editor for the NEC Journal for Learning Through Music, 2000-present

The executive editor is responsible for supervising the editing staff (style and content editor; layout editor, associate editor, editorial review board), Journal production, website and blog content (see;


Founding Director of the Research Center for Learning Through Music, 1998-present

The Research Director is responsible for recruiting and supervising all staff research associates and assistants, research center guided internships, research center fellowship programs, proposals, IRB processes, research design, data collection, data analysis and final reports for internal NEC faculty or department projects) and final reports and publications for external contracted projects and projects commissioned by members of the Music-in-Education National Consortium and program evaluation projects such as the Keeping Score Project for the San Francisco Symphony.


Founding Director for the Music-in-Education Program at New England Conservatory, 1998-present

The director of the Music-in-Education program at NEC is also the Chair of the NEC Music Education Department. The director administers the MIE Concentration and Guided Internship program at NEC and is responsible for faculty development, staff recruitment and development, course development, course evaluation, student guided internship programs, digital portfolio system, course and state licensure records, music education alum events, and MIE Concentration web communications (see


Founding Director/Principal Investigator, Music-in-Education National Consortium, 2000-present

The director of the consortium is responsible for all organizational aspects, directly or delegated. Organizational responsibilities include supervising communications with executive committee, steering committee, board of trustees; publications; higher education collaborative research and guided internship programs; professional development certificate programs, funding proposals, collaborative research, and website communications and resources; site visits, presentations to local and national organizations. Principal institutional partners include the Metropolitan Opera Guild, Chicago Arts Partnerships in Education, School of Music at Georgia State University, University of Minnesota, San Francisco State University, Mannes College of Music, University of Southern Mississippi, Towson State University, Florida Atlantic University, Learning Through Music Consulting Group (Minnesota), Arts Education in Maryland Schools, Music Center of Los Angeles, Music in Schools Today San Francisco, and their public school district partners in Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Oakland, San Francisco, Laurel (Mississippi), Bethesda, Boca Raton.


Founding Director/Principal Investigator, Music-in-Education Learning Laboratory School Network, 2004-present

The Learning Laboratory School Network is the principal project of the Music-in-Education National Consortium funded by the federal Department of Education FIPSE grant. The director serves also as the principal investigator of a network of 15 laboratory school programs in eight states and is responsible for all communications, working conferences, professional development exchanges, certificate program development, research and accountability reports, digital portfolio system and web communications.


At other Institutions:

Co-Founder, Learning Through Music Consulting Group (Minneapolis), 2003-present

Part time Research and Design Consultant for Learning Through Music School Projects, Minneapolis.

Founding Co-Director, Conservatory Lab Charter School, 1998-2004

Director of Founding Coalition and Founding Co-Director, Founding Director of Curriculum, Assessment, Research, and Development

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